Those Simple Things in Life!

it-is-the-sweet-simple-things-of-life-which-are-the-real-ones-after-all-3Dreams and desires is what keeps us human’s surging ahead in life. And it is this desire that has led us to discover and invent everything in the world that we enjoy today. All the comforts, the luxuries and the technology that enjoy in this day and age did not come easy. It takes hard work, dedication and a raging ambition to reach for the sky. And we as professionals know it, that it is this kind of success we want. We have been working very hard for all those years and somehow want to make it to the very top. We know exactly what it is that we want, our entire focus laid out as plans and goals. Everything in our way becomes a step to getting to that big goal.

Have you ever felt this kind of desire in your heart? That burning passion to reach a goal?

I know that feeling, I have been in that situation, when I was a mid-senior level executive and my ambition was that position, that position at the very top of the corporate ladder, when I am the Boss! I would spend hours working on that project and why not, to reach that goal one has to work hard, isn’t it?

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But have we ever stopped, though, to think if in the process of getting there, we are missing out on the essence of life? You are probably wondering where I am heading with this. Well, then let me ask you – How many times have you had to miss out on a family gathering because you had to work? How many times did you have to miss your child’s performance/game because you wanted to beat a deadline? How many times did you have to cancel on your friends or your partner because you had a meeting?

And now let me ask you, how often do you get time to stop and admire that beautiful garden in your lawn and smell the sweet fragrance of the bloom? Do you get enough time to actually admire your child’s painting and say something more than “Good Job!” Do you get enough time to be on a night out with your partner without being interrupted by work?

I am sure that the answer most of you have for me is something like this: “It is a fast paced, competitive world out there, if I don’t do it, then someone else will” or something like “I am doing this for my family more than for myself, I can provide much more for them than I do now.” I do understand that you are doing this for your family, to provide much more for them and that not everyone has the privilege of working shorter hours. And I also know that it is the possibility of making dreams come true that makes life interesting.  But when we try to bind ourselves with the dreams that are tailor-made for all, life may not be as interesting as it once was. It is indeed a fast paced world out there and before you know, everything and everyone will grow out and move on. While you are busy working hard to reach that goal, you are leaving behind a lot more than you realize. And when you look down from the mountain that you have just conquered, holding tight that prize you won, the distance to your loved ones will seem much more than what you have conquered.

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Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way telling you not to pursue your career or not to work hard and long, I am merely saying that while you do that don’t forget to experience the simpler things in life. The simple things like a cup of coffee with your best friend, a lunch/dinner with your parents, an evening out with your partner, a game of tag with your little one, a few hours for yourself to enjoy the summer breeze so on and so forth!

Because just as important as it is to dream and be passionate about that goal, it is important to understand that “The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them. – Paulo Coehlo”.

18 thoughts on “Those Simple Things in Life!

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  2. I think balance our life is a lesson we all have to learn ! And truly, how we spend time is based on our value. So it comes down to understand oneself. Only when we really know what’s important to us, then we know how to spend our time. Any thoughts ?

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  3. It’s a beautiful post. You have explained that it’s not wise to lose touch with life in pursuit of ambition. We should keep working but on the same hand should take time to appreciate this moment. The life. I enjoyed reading it. I am exploring your blog. Thanks. 🙂 Anand

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      • I’m sorry I can’t agree with either of you on, “work to live, not live to work”. The time at work is as much a part of our lives as the time away from work–both times are part of our lives. And no matter how humble the task, doing it with excellences is what matters. I can’t recall the Roman General’s name, but the Roman senate wanted to shame him so they put in charge of picking up Rome’s garbage. He said, “if the work will not bring honor to me, I will bring honor to the work.” He became even more popular. Plus, think about your relationships with your co-workers; aren’t they a part of your life as well. Often, we spend more time with our co-workers than we do our families. But I realize so many feel live only begins, when they are outside of work. Just trying to show a different perspective.

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        • I understand your perspective Allen, but when we say that the simple things matter we are not saying that our work or the aspects related to it doesn’t matter. The idea is that while your career/work remains as important as it should don’t forget the little things that make us happy from within. Those little things can be anything and may vary from person to person. In today’s world we all hardly get that kind of time to do what makes us happy which is why a few reminders to ourselves matters.

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