Miniature Writing Challenge: The River of Life

This post is in response to the Miniature Writing Challenge #4 by An Artist At Heart. I opted to write a Mini Short Story (max 150 words as per the rules), for the theme ‘Water’. I hope I have been able to capture the essence of the challenge and managed to convey my message. Do let me know your thoughts!



The River of Life!

The rocky mountain stood tall and strong; it would not bend. She tried and tried but could not escape the vigor of its barriers. Dying to break free, she pushed, she pressed, but acknowledged dejection yet again.

One fine day, she surged with an inexorable force, astounded, the rocky formation gave way! She raced on, scattering gravel on her way, peering out to see that beautiful world she had been missing! She explored the diverse, dramatic scenery and observed the sunrise in the valley. The newfound freedom made her stronger; elegantly she coursed along further towards the valley. The greenest, radiant, sun-lit valley they called paradise.

When she arrived, they welcomed her! They gave her a new name and called her ‘The River of Life’. For, in her journey towards freedom she granted them the element of life, the seed for civilization; she gave them ‘Water’!

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