Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Give a Damn!

Source: Kazaxe

Source: Kazaxe

A few days back I read the story of a 5 year old boy who fought for his life against childhood cancer. Reading about him, his fight against cancer and how his little body ultimately gave up, broke my heart! So much that I actually said it out loud “Why isn’t somebody doing something about this?” The moment I said it, I realized that I am also one of those ‘somebody’ and there is something that I can do as well. Around that time, I heard about a fundraising event being organized by Kazaxe.

Kazaxe is my favorite dance workout center and I love attending their classes. But this time, it was different! They organized a 2 hour dance fitness event Megaxe for StillBrave at the Sylvan Theater Stage on the Washington Monument Grounds. StillBrave is a Childhood Cancer Foundation that provides non-medical supportive care to children with cancer and their families. Awareness for this event and the cause was spread via social media with #giveadamn.5d5ab8da47967d66913b1919672d781f

Although I decided to attend the event, I wanted to do more than just donate some dollars to the charity. I researched about childhood cancer and what I read broke my heart! I knew that reading about it was not enough, I wanted to write about it too! But it still didn’t feel enough, so I decided to sign up for volunteer work. I am now in the process of applying with Still Brave and other local organizations to find a suitable schedule for volunteer work (given that I work full time during the weekdays!).

Since I wanted to spread awareness in my own way, I decided to write about why we must all give a damn (#giveadamn) about such charity events and do something. After all, we are all ‘somebody’!

Without further ado, here are my top 10 reasons why we should give a damn!

  1. We are all ‘Somebody’ and together we are ‘Everybody’!

If each one of us do our part for a cause that we believe in, the impact we could make together will be massive! Because together ‘somebody’ becomes ‘everybody’!

  1. It gives us a new perspective!

We don’t usually pay much attention to charities and fund raising events when there are dozens of them happening at all times! So we don’t really know what was ‘going on’! But the moment we get involved and start meeting people who need our help, it puts everything into perspective!

  1. Take a quick look at the statistics!

Every day, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. 12% of those children do not survive! The average age of children diagnosed is 6! Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children (after accidents).CCAM

  1. It teaches us humility!

Observing the drive and motivation the children/people you help, bring about to meet their daily challenges teaches us humility. It inspires us to do better and do more!

  1. You can inspire others!

Go about doing what you can even if it is something small, for you never know who you may be inspiring to do their bit! And that, is no small feat! The feeling you get when you know that you were an inspiration for someone else to embark on this journey, it is inexpressible!

  1. Imagine yourself in their shoes!

I hope to God that no one has to go through such a phase in their lives, but imagine yourself in their shoes! Imagine what the children and their families go through!  If it were you, wouldn’t you want some help, any help at all?

  1. Altruism is a learned quality!

Contrary to the popular belief that generosity is inborn, I say that it is a learned characteristic. We humans have been blessed with the ability to adapt ourselves to what we want! Why not put it to good use?

  1. It’s challenging in a positive way!

When we decide to help someone, our best skills are put to test in a challenging manner. It forces us to adapt and learn new skills, it teaches us to be responsible for someone other than ourselves!

  1. The reward is much more than anything materialistic!

This may sound clichéd, but it is a fact that by giving we receive. The difference being what we receive is not materialistic. We receive human emotions in return which nowadays is a rare commodity!

  1. Every simple deed counts!

Last but definitely not the least, every single deed that may seem insignificant in our eyes may create an enormous impact on someone else’s life! Our one small act of kindness probably brings a smile on a 6 year old in desperate need of it!

I hope my list inspires you to ‘Give a Damn’ and I hope you will think about it! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Give a Damn!

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  2. Dear Rashmi,

    This is such an inspiring and moving post. Your every post is making such a difference in the world. I hope many people would get inspired by your initiatives and kindness and walk hand in hand with those who are working to make world a better place to live for all of us. 🙂

    Glad to know about your new charity event!

    Which type of dance classes do you take?

    Have a great day ahead.

    Anand 🙂

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  3. This is one bliss of an article.. I loved the quote- we human can adapt to what we want to be…. But sad is the fact that many are driven by selfish motives.. But hey…words lilike these still keeps hope alaive. Kudos!! A well written blog comprehensive about why we need to give a damn.. For me its coz we are HUMANS

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    • Thank you Srinath for the feedback!
      Well, it is a sad fact of life that sometimes people are selfish, but then I am sure that there are lot of people out there who have the generosity in them! It doesnt take much to become generous. And by generous I do not mean monetarily coz that is not always possible for everyone, but even simple acts of kindness like visiting a patient in hospital for sometime, donating books and toys, providing emotional support to the parents/families, helping to take care of the patient for a few hours so that the families can take a break! such simple acts also mean a lot!

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  4. Dear Rashmi, I think this is great of you! Dealing with cancer (as well as other lifetheatening illnesses) is a hard job, for everyone, but even more so when it concerns children. I hope you’ll find a schedule that suits you and integrates seamlessly in your life. If you don’t mind, I would like to reblogg your post on my blog, for I think those words should be spread as far as possible.

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