The Six Word Story Challenge: A Mystery!

The prompt for this week, on Nicola’s Six Word Story Challenge, is ‘A Mystery‘.

Here’s my take on the prompt.


Her sacrifice made him an orphan!

12 thoughts on “The Six Word Story Challenge: A Mystery!

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  3. Her child fell from her hands into those cold dark evening waters and gasped for air like the setting sun. She did not know how to swim.. But she did not think twice before plunging into those dangerous waters. She lifted her baby…the heart of her heart…the soulsoul of her soul..and threw him onto the muddy banks…but the under currents were so strong that they took her along with them on an infinite journey into oceans unknown…

    Her sacrifice…years latter he discovered, is what made him an orphan…

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  4. I have met someone who is exactly a picture of this.
    I know someone exactly what the picture is.
    I met someone back in college, he was sent to an orphanage at age 4 where he spent most of the teenage years. He was still hopeful of having a foster parent. Not until they are handed over to Boystown community. But God been so good that even his already grown up a couple has adopted him and has able to sent him in school.
    Her biological mother is been separated from his father who is an American. He has not seen his father since birth not even on photos.
    His mother struggles to keep them a living until accuse as connivance to a homicide case. Her mother was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment
    and serving a parole in due time. No immediate relatives have taken the responsibility for him and so he is determined to succeed in life.
    He communicates to his mother once in a while. And we became good friends too. He is currently working in the same field and soon he will be reunited with his mom;-)

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