The Cyberhug Awards!


Anand nominated me for this very interesting award. Now what can I say about Anand, he is one of the most generous, kind and encouraging people I have met on the blogosphere! He works tirelessly to support all the fellow bloggers, not only those he follows or follow him, but even those who need him in the Blogging 101 Alumni Forum. He is the glue of the forum which keeps us all together.  His blog has a very interesting title and tagline – Blabberwockying! A distant cousin of Jabberwockying! Do check his blog out! I can tell you for sure that you will not be disappointed!

I usually do one post for all the award nominations, but this one was different, so I thought of doing a separate post for this award. Emily at The Cyberhug Awards maintains this very interesting award where we nominate one deserving person mentioning why the person needs the cyber hug, the nominees enter into a special draw to win a special set of 3 Cyberhug Gift Certificates for free hugs! How cool is that? So without wasting any further time, I will proceed with the award rules and announcing my nominees!

The Award Rules:

  1. Anyone who’s human (and cats, I’ll accept cats although they don’t really like being squeezed much).
  2. Submit a small paragraph on why they need a hug.
  3. Provide their email address and/or their url.
  4. When you’re nominated, you must in turn nominate the person who nominated you.
  5. Winners (that would be everyone that’s nominated) will get an Official Cyberhug Award Certificate through email. Display it or the Official Seal on your website (impress your friends!), or possibly even print it out if you’re really lonely.
  6. Successful Nominees will be eligible to enter the draw to win a truly special set of 3 Cyberhug Gift Certificates for free hugs (how good is that?!). Priority will be given to those who have either gone above and beyond to help people out, are amazing, or need more than one hug.
  7. The Draw shall be announced each week on a day of my choosing (depending if I get out of bed or not), or another day or just when the mood takes me.

My Nominee:

So as per the rules, I am supposed to nominate one other person who truly deserves a hug for being wonderful, kind and helpful blogger/person. Thus, I nominate:

Dr. Meg Sorick of She Writes Better than She Dresses

Were it not for Meg, I probably would never have attempted my hand at creative writing or writing short stories. She encouraged me to write more of fiction! Being a published author, she has been helping me and other bloggers by providing information on how to write short stories and novels, what kind of research it involves and what we can do to avoid making some of the common mistakes. When I expressed my doubts on taking part in NaNoWriMo, she encouraged and pushed me to take the leap of faith. Thanks to her, I have started writing my first ever novel. She has also kindly agreed to be one of my beta readers. So for all the kindness that she has been showering on me, she truly deserves the Cyberhug!

I hope she decides to accept this award and keep the ball rolling!

11 thoughts on “The Cyberhug Awards!

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  2. Thanks for accepting and responding so promptly, Rashmi 🙂

    Thanks for all the kind words about us 🙂

    Have a great Sunday and a lovely week ahead 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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