Limerick Challenge Week 8: Love


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Howdy people? Hope you are all enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays. I have been having a good time taking the break, oh I really needed the break! This week we had some new participants join the challenge, which is awesome. As always, we had some really amazing entries and picking a winner was no easy feat! Without any further delay, here are the Top 5 Limericks for the prompt ‘Gratitude’!

And the winner is…….. Christian Dequita with this beautiful limerick that captures the essence of gratitude! Check out his full post here!

Agradacamiento is certitude.

Gratitude pays in no altitude.

Reciprocity is not a fortitude.

Gratitude doesn’t have a magnitude,

Say thank you is a beatitude.

The winner may contact me on to claim the complimentary gift certificate.

The second place is shared by Arcane Owl from A Wayward Scribblez with her beautiful limerick and NJ of Ametalk with her absolutely wonderful limerick!

The third place goes to Indira’s blog and Deeksha from Jot the Thought with two of amazing limericks.

Now that the Top 5 have been announced, it is time for the Week 8 Challenge.

This morning I got some really really good news that made me so happy and my heart swell with love and pride. Well, that made me choose the word “Love” as the Prompt for Week 8! You can either use the word “Love” itself or some of its synonyms like affection, beloved, fondness, intimacy, etc…you get the idea!

For those who are new to the challenge, here are the rules:

  1. Each week, a prompt (A Word) will be supplied and participants are to use this prompt as a base for their limericks.
  2. Participants can opt to either use the word (prompt) itself or a synonym of the word to use in their Limerick. This is a MUST. Either the word or a synonym of the word must be a part of your Limerick!
  3. This challenge will run from Thursday to Thursday, and you may add your Limerick anytime during these specific days.
  4. Please tag your Limerick with: Limerick Poetry Challengepost so that others interested can check out your Limerick (This step is important).
  5. Add your story’s URL to this website’s comments. (This step is also important so I will know who has participated).
  6. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please follow this blog site to receive instant email notifications of the post with the Word prompts for each week.
  7. The main purpose of this challenge is to have fun and learn. Those who are able to mentor and help others grow in their writing; you are encouraged to do so. All constructive feedback should be communicated in a kind and helpful manner AND received in a welcoming manner.
  8. All Limericks for Week 8 Challenge are due in by Thursday, December 3, 2015.
  9. The winner for the challenge will be announced in a post next Friday. The winner will receive a complimentary Amazon Gift Certificate from Mind and Life Matters! Please contact me on to claim the prize!

Finally, here is my take on the prompt:

Her heart flutters a message, yet frail

For the times she considered a fail

Making her want to believe

That she is destined to receive

True love that shall prevail!

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  13. With so many great entries, it’s tough job to select the winner isn’t it? 😃 The winning piece is fabulous! Love it! Great job, Rashmi! 😄👏👏👏👏👏

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