Through His Eyes!

I went about my life in a motion and then my son was born!

And through his eyes, I began to see the beauty and innocence of this world!

My little boy is blessed with big expressive eyes, which is why I could not think of any others to post for The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge this week than those of his beautiful eyes.

I have selected these pictures from when he was 3 months old until the very latest! I do hope you enjoy the photos of his very expressive eyes!


At 3 Months! Look at that expression!


hmmmm…The taste of chocolate for the first time!


The sound of music! He is a music fan!


On his 3rd Birthday!


My Prince Charming in Indian Attire!

IMG_20140927_212135 (2)

And the little one grew up to be a big boy and a music lover! 😀

48 thoughts on “Through His Eyes!

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  3. He is so cute. The pictures are lovely and they do justice to his beautiful eyes. I am sure he would grow up to be as creative as his mom. I liked all but the first one and the one in Indian attire are best 🙂

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  4. Yes, such expressive beautiful eyes 🙂

    Did you take all the pictures?

    Thanks for sharing with us. I have shared this post on social media 🙂

    LOve and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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