Finding True Love!


My hopes and dreams are hidden away

In the deepest corners of my heart

Thinking I will never need them any day

But there still lingers a whisper in a small part

To find true love in your heart!

Offering with it a moment of sunshine

Designed for one doused in rain

Making it a feeling that’s divine

With a dose of laughter instead of pain

To find true love in your heart!

With brooding wings and lonely for so long

Yearning your emergence from this dream

With me in your arms, to a wonderful song

We shall dance into the night as a team

Until we find true love in our hearts!

That unconditional love that stays alive

Forever in our hearts until the end of time

Letting it flow we don’t have to strive

When our eyes convey “You are but all mine!”

‘Coz we found true love in our hearts!

This poem is written in response to The Prompt Stomp Week 11 Writing theme “What/Why I love…” I chose to do a love poem because this was brewing in my head for the past week and I had to get it out! I hope you enjoyed the poem!

If you too wish to participate in The Prompt Stomp, head over to The Momhood’s blog to read about the rules and requirements.

Image Source: Pixabay

19 thoughts on “Finding True Love!

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  2. I like how you higlighted in bold those lines, when go over the poem a second time, those lines read as progress from an individual stand point to a “we.” It shows that the narrator heart is indeed open for love.

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