Some Women Who Died for Love

I don’t re-blog as often as I would like to but some posts are just too good to not share! This article by Sandeept is one such post. Everyone who posts/comments on meaningless memes on Facebook and other social media must read this!

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I happened to see a photo on Facebook today. It said:

“Romeo died for love, Valentine died for love, Jack of Titanic, Samson from the Bible, Hercules, Achilles, and even Jesus died for love.”

And then it goes on to say that there is not a single woman who died for love. It challenges women to come with at least five names of women who died for love. I had a strange feeling towards this post. First I felt that it was a challenge to women. A few minutes later, I thought, “This post (most certainly made and circulated by men) is an example of stupidity. It was probably made by an arrogant teenager, who does not care the contributions of women in the world history and even in his life or an ignorant adult, who does not know anything.” But if it was intended to be a challenge, I…

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