Top 10 Life Goals for Happiness!

A few days back I shared an image on my Instagram and Facebook page, this image and a few recent incidents from my life got me thinking of my life goals. I wouldn’t be entirely honest if I said that I have set life goals or even if I said that I didn’t have any life goals.

I do have goals, but materialistic ones like buying a house, saving up for my son’s college, moving up the career ladder and retiring with a comfortable balance in my bank account. Even though materialistic goals are important for us to live, come to think of it, is that all that matters? What about happiness? What about that inner satisfaction of having done all that you have always wanted to?

life goals image - courtesy (Girlwholovedtowrite)


That thought is what prompted me to look at my goals from a different perspective and write down this list of my Top 10 Life Goals, the kind of goals aimed at happiness!

  1. Become the Perfect Mother! Be a real, happy and reliable mother to my son!
  1. Make my parents proud of how much I earn! Give an opportunity to my parents to be proud of how happy I am!
  1. Retire with a big bank balance! Retire from life with lots and lots of precious memories!
  1. Build a big house! Build a comfortable and beautiful home full of dreams!
  1. Fall in love with someone compatible to my needs! Fall in love with the inner beauty of the person.
  1. Get married before I turn 35! Get married If and When I am ready!
  1. Travel the world with someone special! Travel the world alone or with family – doesn’t matter, just travel!
  1. Climb up the Corporate Ladder! Work my way up efficiently with hard work!
  1. Make many new friends! Be a best friend to all my friends first!
  1. Experience the many luxuries of life! Find and experience the happiness even in the simple things in life!

What about you? Do you have any life goals or you prefer to go with the flow? Let me know!

24 thoughts on “Top 10 Life Goals for Happiness!

  1. I love creating goals each year for each area in my life, body, mind and spirit. Writing them down and keeping them in front of you, day dreaming about them, helps you reach your goals. I love how you reframed yours. It’s all about how we think and talk about things. Putting effort into thinking differently is hard so it’s easy to go back to what we are use to saying. Great post! Thank you. Love and hugs:)

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  2. I definitely like your revised goals. I’m not going to say that money’s not important, because to a point it is. But after we reach about middle class status (meaning our basic needs are taken care of), obtaining more wealth does not lead to an equivalent increase in happiness. So far better to focus on living a life that brings you inner peace, in my opinion.

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  3. Your life goals are realistic,I like them all. We need to be materialistic to achieve our goals to a certain point, but we need not be consumed by it. I’m certain your parents are already proud of you. I’m positive you will go up the ladder. I loved reading your goals in life.Best wishes to you, Rashmi. 🙂

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