Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

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16 thoughts on “Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

  1. Thank you for posting this. I saw the notification and couldn’t believe it. This sickens me. No one should be allowed to have such a harmful and hateful Facebook page, blog, or any other writing platform. I joke about being a Chimp, but I am afraid a chimp has evolved more than some men. I apologize to you and all women that have responded to your post. I assure you not all men think like this.

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  2. Holy crap, the MRA never ceases to amaze me, festering pile of misogyny and circular arguments that they are.

    Falling down the rabbit hole of one of their articles and worse, the comment threads following them is torture. Ignorance, vitriol, and pure hate speech, if you ask me.

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    • I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. Reading their articles and the comments makes one wonder if these people are for real!?!
      It’s as though they have this organization with just the intention of bringing down women, I don’t see them doing anything to ‘help’ men for that matter!!

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      • Exactly. They start with a couple of valid points (like how difficult it is for fathers to get custody in divorce cases) but don’t seem to have any serious intentions of addressing them.

        Instead, everything quickly devolves into a female-hating pile of nasty comments and contradictory complaints: they are angry that women aren’t all having sex with them, and angry that we aren’t all virgins. They’re angry about all the supposed power our sex appeal gives us, yet angry we aren’t looking hot enough for them. They’re angry we get men to pay for us, but also angry we don’t capitalize on the exchange value of our “prime childbearing years.”

        And angry we ever age last 22. Especially without having lots of sex with them while being virgins. I could go on and on here.

        It would be laughable if it weren’t downright scary. I think they really are serious. I also think they would be considered a hate group of they were talking about anyone else besides women.

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        • The sad part here is that there are certain issues even Men face that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, these so called ‘activists’ decides not to use their networks to create meaningful change, instead, they parrot the same talking points on the bottom of articles about women’s issues to prove that men are, in actuality, the more oppressed gender.Save for a few ‘serious’ activists, most of them are extremists using the opportunity to spread the hate.
          I wouldn’t want to shun the entire group as extremists, obviously, because that would be like saying all feminists are (what’s the term? Yea…) Feminazi’s!
          But men like this guy who thinks that a heinous crime like rape should be legalized must be stopped. So when he says rape should be legalized, does this include only women? What about children? And even few men (young boys) who are raped – should they all be legalized?
          This is such a shame. This guys decides that legalizing rape is what Men need now? Did he even consider the real concerns men have (like a higher rate of workplace deaths and homelessness, as well as being subject to rigid constructs of masculinity), seems to be absent from his discussions.
          Men who truly believe in gender equality must be tired of having these important debates constantly disrupted by those who either blame men’s issues on feminism or turn them into a contest of suffering and oppression.

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          • You’re probably right, though the MRM extremists seem really vocal. I agree that there are real issues that need to be addressed (custody issues, gender stereotypes, etc) and I’d love to see some reasonable issues taken more seriously.

            And yeah, I certainly don’t agree with everything every feminist has ever said. There are many different viewpoints out there.

            I think it can be hard not to get riled when the MRM taps into trigger issues though, like rape and pedophilia. Roosh and his ilk probably represent the worst of the group.

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