One Shade of Grey?

My sister shared this image on her Facebook account, it made me laugh out loud, giggle and chuckle all at once, that was until I read all the comments.

one shade of grey

The comments were mainly divided into 2 categories. One group was busy thrashing the Author E.L James for churning out ‘trash’ such as the 50 shades series and for successfully making millions off of it. The other group was busy thrashing the author of the meme for its feminist view.

Made me wonder, though! I am in no way trying to endorse the 50 shades series, I remember reading the books skipping pages after pages because there was nothing in them that deserved my time. I know I read it only because I hate not finishing a book/series that I started. Having said that, I must say that as a writer I sympathize with the author when ‘haters’ publicly thrash her work.

Yes, I agree it was not the best of literary works, yes, she still managed to make millions from it, yes, it was on the bestseller list. Well, if it was on the bestseller list, and managed to sell more than 4 million copies in less than 3 months, then maybe it resonated with a lot of people who prefer this genre of books. In such a case why not respect the author for that aspect and keep personal attacks on her writing capabilities away from the ‘review’? Maybe it is just me, but that’s how I feel!

Moving onto the second group of haters – the ones I never tire fighting with – the feminist haters! The ones who wait at the nook and corner of every social media platform only to pounce onto the first women centric post they see to classify it as “Feminist” or better yet “Feminazi” and start thrashing the post and the author of the post thereby starting a war of words between the supporters and detractors of Feminism!

Something I’ve noticed with these kind of people is that they, for whatever reason, need something to be constantly offended over.

If today, it is the 50 Shades Trilogy and the Twilight series. Tomorrow, it’ll be a different book/series/blog post/meme. Rinse, repeat.

What do you think? Are we going overboard critiquing others? Do people constantly need something to be offended over? Or am I just playing the devil’s advocate?

(Image Source: The Reader Nook)

19 thoughts on “One Shade of Grey?

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  2. I think the meme is funny and I agree with you. I’m just not a romance novel fan so me reading and writing a review of those books would be pointless because I just don’t get it. Let the people who like that stuff have their fun.

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  3. I’m glad for the emphasis on giving women respect. I’m also glad for any author who succeeds. I actually enjoy the occasional James Patterson, for instance, though he is pretty consistently dissed.

    I think everyone, male or female, deserves to be treated with respect. Woman have challenges men never face. Men have challenges women never face. We all face disrespect, and we all have to do so because society doesn’t respect people.

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  4. Internationally, it may be E.L. James but in India its Chetan Bhagat, boss! And that man is women empowerment pro but read any of his recent books and you’ll wonder if its the same man.
    We just want a scapegoat for our own inadequacies. How many of these haters have actually written a book ? I haven’t read any of her books and don’t intend to. But that’s my choice. I can’t start pulling her down just because I don’t like her books. And neither can I understand the terms ‘feminazi’ or such terms. That term is so derogatory. As if using the word nazi so loosely is okay. Someone who stands for women’s rights is called feminist. Ok, so then what about someone who is in favor of human rights ? Humanist? What about someone who believes in Animal Rights? Is he an Animalist? Is there something as men’s rights – menist? (shaking head at the ridiculousness of it all)

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    • Well, I guess in the case of Chetan Bhagat, there are people who support him openly. I personally do not feel that is work is awesome, but it is not too bad either. Lately, it looks like his only idea of writing a book is to sell it for movie rights to Bollywood!
      Yes there is a term ‘Meninist’ and there is also an organization called MRA (Men’s Rights Activists) who call themselves Meninists. So, I guess it would be OK to call to the extremists from this organization “Meninazi” …oh wait, Meninazi is not even a term…I wonder why!?!

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  5. Isn’t amzing how people can rant on negatively, but people rarely make lenghty postiive comments? And sadly when one person starts something, it makes it easier for others to pile on. I agree with all the points you made in your post. E.L. James is laughing all the way to the bank. It’s not my cup of tea, but she made a huge success out of those books. It’s not like she tricked everyone into buying and reading them! 😀

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  6. Some people just need something, anything to rant about… Leave them to their deranged frothing, and enjoy the cartoon as it was meant. The internet is a great leveller, giving everyone with a keyboard the ability to comment within moments of any post… This is the downside to that! 🙂

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