A Mother’s Day To Remember!

For me, Mother’s Day celebrations started on Saturday evening when my little boy decided that he will go to Chuck E Cheese with his uncle, his best friend and the best friend’s dad leaving me free to go out for a movie! Thus, Adi was on his way to Chuck E Cheese while I got together with my sister (a mom-to be) and my friend (Adi’s best friends mom) to go watch the movie Mother’s Day obviously, what were you expecting? Come on, it was Mother’s Day weekend!Add to that the fact that this movie has Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson together – 3 of my fav actors!!! 😀

And I will say that I have no regrets on my movie choice for the evening! We went into a packed theater with all of our high calorie snacks (read French fries, hot dogs, popcorn and soda!) and laughed our hearts out! The movie was funny with impressive comical timing, it was entertaining ‘coz we never once looked at cell phone to check if we have emergency calls/messages, and it also packed emotional punches here and there without overdoing it! So yea, if you want to watch it, I recommend you do! Here’s a sneak peak – enjoy!

After the movie, we just got together at home for a night filled with fun, food and drinks. Nothing like an evening spent with the people you love! 🙂

That was Saturday!

Sunday morning brought with it breakfast in bed of coffee and bagels with cream cheese. Yea, that is the best way to wake up, with a breakfast tray waiting for you!

While browsing through my Facebook, I came across this picture of my mom and my son. This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of them!

adi mom

Just as I was starting to reminisce of the wonderful times when Adi was just a baby, my little wonder who is now all grown up big boy walked in with the gifts that he made to treat me on this special day. Ah, the joys of motherhood! 🙂

In Adi’s own words “I love you because you are great at drawing a velociraptor, a tyrannosaurus rex and a terrerdactil” (he never agrees with me on the spelling for pterodactyl, he says he does not understand the need for the spelling to start with a ‘P’….Oh honey, that’s not the only place where your spelling falters! But of course, I didn’t argue with him over that, for today it is terrerdactil! 😀 )

It was heartwarming to see all the gifts he created for me including the paper flowers and the cards, the rose and the chocolate bar that he bought for me but ended up devouring himself. It just showed me how much thought and effort he had put into this for me. And that in itself was priceless!

But above all, I loved this video that he made. As he showed me this video, he told me that he messed up with the dialogues and that he hopes I would like it in spite of the mess up! De facto my dear, I absolutely love it – this was by far the best Mothers Day Gift ever!

As a mother, a parent we go through a journey of ups and downs with our children, but it is moments like these that makes us stop and realize how much of an impact our children have on our lives!

So here’s wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there including the single moms and dads!

For now, I am heading out with my son to get him some ice cream for being the best son a mom can have! 🙂

26 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day To Remember!

  1. Love it when you report so lovingly about your relationship with your son. I have two; they were/are great – even as they are in their senior years. I’m talking senior like 56 and 63. Oh, man, where did the time go?

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  2. A huge thank you hug and another scoop of ice-cream from Piyu Masi. 🙂 He made his mom feel so special just by small gestures. And hey, he’s forgiven for gobbling up the chocolate. 😀 It was so sweet of him and such a wonderful, hilarious and yet touching post.

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