National Limerick Day 2016

Today is the National Limerick Poetry Day, according to the internet, it is celebrated annually on May 12. Silly me, had no idea that a day was dedicated to limerick poetry, in spite of managing a weekly limerick poetry challenge! Yea, yea go ahead, shake your head and tsk tsk at me! *cringes in anticipation of the number of tsk tsks!*

The National Limericks Poetry Day, it seems, is celebrated in honor of the English author and poet Edward Lear (yes, I Googled that!). Lear is mostly known for his literary nonsense in poetry, prose and limericks. He popularized limerick poems in his book “Book of Nonsense” in 1846.

fountain pen on text sheet paper with rose

I know you are all experts here, but for those of you who do not know:

A limerick is a very short, humorous, nonsense poem. Within a limerick, there are five lines.  The first two lines rhyme with the fifth line and the third and fourth line rhyme together.

Being a huge fan of limericks, I thought it only fair to share a limerick to celebrate this wonderful day and I invite you to join me in this celebration.

You can also celebrate by writing a few lines of a limerick poem. If you are looking for some inspiration or a prompt click on this link to take you to the page that has the prompts from the weekly limerick challenges. That should of some help.

Not interested in writing a limerick? Then, simply write a few lines about this day and share it on social media with #NationalLimerickDay , I found this one from the Met Office too good to not share!

Here’s the one I conjured combining my love for Limericks and Cinderella stories 😀

Once upon a time there was a girl

With a bright smile she wore a heart of pearl

Enclosed she was in a thrall

From going to the ball

When the Magic Fairy appeared ‘Ella got her swirl!

Happy National Limerick Day, everyone!

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