Limerick Challenge Week 26: Summer

So I celebrated my sister’s baby shower this weekend and I am still dizzy from all the cake, food and drinks! It was an absolutely wonderful affair. I will post more on that later. For now, I must get moving and announce the top 5 limericks from last week’s prompt.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the Top 5 limericks from Week 25.

If you have not already, click here, to view all the limerick submissions for Week 25.

And the limerick superstar of this week………….*drumrolls please* none other than Peter of Meritings!

Oh how I wish I were handsome

held by Miss Roberts for ransom.

I hope they won’t pay,

and then I can stay

for two or three months and then some


Congratulations to Peter – the Limerick Superstar of the week

The next two limericks on my list are Diane of Ladies Who Lunch Reviews and Dr. Meg Sorick.

Followed by Oneta of Sweet Aroma and Frank of Poetry, Short Prose and Walking.

Now that the Top 5 limericks have been announced, let us move on to the Week 26 Challenge.

The prompt for this week’s challenge is ‘Summer’ this means that your limerick should be sunny, bright and warm, it must have a shade of summer in it. Write the limerick in any way you did like so long as it tells a summery tale.

For those who are new to the challenge, here are the rules:

  1. Each week, a prompt theme will be provided and participants are to use this prompt as a base for their limericks.
  2. This challenge will run from Friday to Friday, and you may link up your Limerick anytime during these specific days.
  3. All Limericks for Week 26 Challenge are due in latest by 12PM EST on Friday, July 8, 2016. That’s right, this time you have about 2 weeks to come up with your limericks as I will be taking a short break from my blog next week!
  4. After the deadline, the link-up button will not accept any more submissions.
  5. Please tag your Limerick with: Limerick Poetry Challenge so that others interested can check out your Limerick.
  6. Please remember to pingback to this post on your Limerick Post and also to link it up.
  7. A small donation is made to the local charity in the name of the Winners who receives the ‘Limerick Superstar’ badge.
  8. Receiving this badge means that not only are you a Limerick Superstar, you helped feed one hungry person with your limerick! The winners can choose to display the badge on their blogs!
  9. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please follow this blog site to receive instant email notifications of the post with the Word prompts for each week.

Finally, here is my take on the prompt:

Summer time, the weather is fine

Sun is around until it is nine

Never makes you feel it is wrong

Laying by the pool all day long

Sipping from a tall glass of wine!

33 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge Week 26: Summer

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  4. Hi Rashmi, something is seriously wring with my browser n wordpress is eating all my drafts, I have struggling fir the last three days and lost many posts. Finally, I penned this series again and before it vanished, I hit publish, sorry that I’m still unable to link it up…here’s the short link to my entry this week

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  9. I am honoured. Thank you so much Rashmi. I am glad I can now call off the search team and that you are indeed safe and well. The blogosphere was alive with all those concerned that you may have fallen into the same chasm as the Pope did a few weeks ago!

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  10. Yay! Was looking for the prompt for the week. Now I see you had a very good reason for not getting to it. So much work goes into baby showers! And babies! 😀 Anyway I am glad all is well! And that you had a fun time!

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