Buried Deceptions – A Synopsis of My First Novel!

Ever since I participated in NaNoWriMo, I have been talking about my first novel that is in the works. Although, I did say I have been working on the novel, I never really gave any details as to what my novel is all about. There are a couple of reasons for that; I had initially planned to work up ‘One summer Day’ into a novel and thought that the story of Anna and Dave could be my very first novel. But halfway through the series, I came up with a very different but interesting (at least I think it is interesting) plot for a suspense thriller that had the potential of becoming a full-fledged novel.

I started working on writing this new plot sometime in January, then gave up for a couple of months (March -April) then picked up writing it again in May. I have finished writing the first draft and am working on the second draft now, the book blurb and synopsis of the novel. I will take a few more months before I have it worthy of being published, but I am taking it slow due to time constraints.

Having said that, I thought it would be a good time to provide a short synopsis on what my novel entails. As you may have already guessed, the novel is titled Buried Deceptions. Now, read the synopsis below.

Michaela Walsh has the perfect life working as a nurse in the city of Chicago. She loves her job and is contemplating applying to med school. She is in a loving steady relationship with her boyfriend, Josh Willis who owns a local business. One weekend, Josh invites Michaela to spend time with him and his family at their lake house. That weekend, Michaela’s idyllic existence comes crashing down when a woman’s body is pulled out of the lake and the dead woman is identified as Grace Weston, Josh’s ex-girlfriend.

Christopher Wright, an ambitious and charming detective who is investigating the case introduces Michaela to some shocking information about Grace, which leaves her with compelling questions about Josh’s past. A past that Josh had failed to mention to Michaela including the fact that Grace was his ex-girlfriend! Despite this setback Michaela strongly believes in Josh’s innocence. However, she starts fearing for her own life when she finds herself drawn deeper into a web of lies, deceit and perhaps, even murder.

On a chance encounter with the medical examiner who performed the autopsy, Michaela obtains a piece of incriminating evidence about Grace’s death that puts Josh fairly in the dock. With the evidence in hand, she begins to realize that things are not quite as they seem.

Determined to find the truth, Michaela sets off on a dangerous path to find the answers to the link between Josh’s past and Grace’s death against Detective Wright’s advice.

Can Michaela uncover the truth before it is too late, or will she fall deeper into the web of lies and deceit eventually meeting the same fate as Grace?

I hope you have enjoyed reading the synopsis and are interested in finding out more. I am dying to know all your thoughts and comments about the synopsis of Buried Deceptions. Let me know in the comments!

(Image Source – The New Age Blog)

23 thoughts on “Buried Deceptions – A Synopsis of My First Novel!

  1. I read your synopsis today, I think it will be an awesome novel, the synopsis is making me anxious to know how this will play out, will Michaela escape or will she go through a lot of obstacles, will she come out alive or not is what I’m thinking. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like an interesting read. Super excited to read this one. After reading One Summer Day, I’m sure this one’s going to be an wonderful read. All the very best!

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