The Decision – A 100 Words Story


Photo © Mind and Life Matters

She stood at the intersection unsure of the next step. Turning right takes her to the love of her life. Turning left to her dreams, to everything she ever wanted. This was no road trip; this was her life! She wanted to make the ‘right’ decision!

Taking a deep breath, she contemplated her options, then it struck her – if he was the love of her life why was she contemplating?

It was then she realized that her heart was in love with his mind, she had never met his heart.  The love she cherished was never there!

With a bright smile, she turned left.

Word Count – 104

Written for the 100 Words Story Friday Feature based on the Photo Prompt from Blogger’s World.


34 thoughts on “The Decision – A 100 Words Story

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  2. Some excellent word-play going on in this piece Rashmi 🙂 I was certainly ‘struck’ by it, and in similar shoes would probably have ‘left’ also. Unfair advantage? lol, I doubt it – if anything it maybe makes it more difficult, at a guess 🙂

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