Mind and Life Matters – New Address!

I finally did it! Mind and Life Matters has moved to a new virtual address. Thankfully, the move was not difficult and everything on MLM should continue to be the same except for the website address/URL, which has changed

From Old Address – mindandlifematters.wordpress.com

To New Address – www.mindandlifemattersblog.com/

If you are following the blog already and are seeing this message, there is nothing you need to do, you will continue to see the posts as always and the web will automatically direct you to the new blog address.

If you have bookmarked the blog, then may need to update your bookmark with the new address. It may be easier for you to follow the blog by signing up using your email address.

And for those of you who would like to be updated about the latest news of this blog, consider subscribing to Mind and Life Matters mailing list. Click here to sign up now!

Thank you for joining me on my writing/blogging journey!


12 thoughts on “Mind and Life Matters – New Address!

  1. Could you share how you migrated? Am afraid of doing that as I am using a free wordpress template and heard many functionalities of wordpress are not supported if you migrate. I have a paid wordpress system but am still not using it because of that

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