Do You Wish For A Perfect Body?

I usually do not share videos on my blog, but it would be criminal to not share this. This video will resonate with most women, I guess! Women like you and me, perhaps, who look into the mirror daily and spot the various areas of our bodies that are imperfect and needs to be ‘fixed’!

If you were asked to describe your body in a word or a sentence, what would your answer be? Go on, tell me, what was the first thing that came to your mind? I am pretty sure it was not something positive. It wasn’t for me either! Chances are that you thought about what you could change about your body. I am guilty of that too, I look in the mirror everyday and think of all that I can change about my body, wishing I could become a little thinner, and maybe even taller! What must these thoughts/wishes be doing to my self esteem? Certainly not building it! If I am incapable of loving myself for who I am then how am I going to teach my child to love himself?

This video was definitely an eye opener for me, I hope it is for you too, especially if you are one of those women who are highly self critical! After watching this video, here’s what I think we should take away from it – So long as you are eating healthy and living an active lifestyle, you do not need to worry about the imperfections of your body.

Your body is a part of you, it is what makes you, it is your identity. Let’s learn to be proud of that!


40 thoughts on “Do You Wish For A Perfect Body?

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  5. I came to read this because I had seen so many positive comments popping up, and I’m glad I did. It’s fantastic Rashmi.

    I hope lots of people, and not just women, see this. I hope they realise that only very shallow people take notice of a body image first. I hope that they are reassured that people respect others, like others, or fall in love, for all sorts of reasons, and those reasons very rarely involve a perfect body.

    Indeed, there is no such thing as a perfect body!

    May we all love ourselves, and each other, for what we are, how beautiful our minds are, how we treat one another.

    Love and hugs to all, because you are all beautiful in your own unique way.

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    • Thank you, Peter. I couldn’t agree more with you, only shallow people take notice of body image first. We are made of our mind, soul, personality and a lot more, not just our bodies!
      I truly appreciate your comment, I hope more and more people think like you do!

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  6. You know sometimes it’s not even what you think but what the society pushes you to think. Fair is beautiful. Dark is ugly. Slim is beautiful. Fat is ugly. Tall is beautiful. Even for us, our criteria of attractive or good-looking is tall; slim; long and thick hair; perfectly aligned teeth; flat tummy; long slim legs… This video made me question that. Some of those women actually said ‘disgusting’ when asked to describe their bodies. It’s such unreasonable demands and expectations that we form on a diet of glossy magazines, glitzy movies , than anything less than imperfect becomes ugly. Thanks for sharing and writing this, Rashmi!

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    • I agree society has unrealistic expectations and standards of beauty based on what the media has led us to believe! It’s high time we take the high road and say that we are what we are and not some puppet made of clay to be mould into society’s standards!
      We are all just perfect in our imperfections!

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  7. I’ve never seen that video, it brought a lump to my throat. It will take decades of conditioning to undo the negative affects of the media so I hope her message reaches as many women as possible. My word was vile. I’m going to work on that.

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    • It’s amazing isn’t it, how all of us came up with a negative word when asked our bodies! This is the effect of media and their unrealistic expectations of perfection! It’s going to take years to undo the damage but at least there are some doing something about it! The video is on YouTube, please feel free to share and raise awareness.


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