Limerick Challenge Week 46: Over The Years!

I am in a mixed state of mind as I write for this week’s limerick challenge. I am quite sure that you did be in a similar frame if you were in my place at the moment. I have thus far never been a victim of internet con, indeed I pride myself in being able to weed out such attempts that are darted my way. However, the last week I fell for one such attempt.

Those who have been following my blog for a while know that I do giveaway’s in the form of Amazon Gift cards every now and then, I had announced in the Week 45 limerick challenge that I intended to gift a $10 amazon gift card for the winner of the Halloween special limerick!

Innervoice was the winner of the challenge and I was looking forward to sending her the gift card. Shortly after I posted her as the winner, I got an email that claimed to be from the owner of the winning blog and I sent the gift card code to the email address. A few hours later I received another email from the original owner of the blog Innervoice. It was only when I replied to the original winner did I realize that someone (who was definitely not the owner of the winning limerick) had duped me into sending them the gift card!

I wonder who would do this for a mere $10! And I wonder why they did con me for such a small amount? Must be ‘coz they really need the money? In that case, they could’ve asked me nicely and I would’ve given it to them. I do a lot of charity work and believe in helping the needy, and if someone needs money that bad, I did understand. Why did they have to trick me? That is the part that bothers me so much! I also feel terrible about not gifting the original winner, when I told her what had happened, she asked me to stop blaming myself and to consider that money as having been donated and that I should not send her another gift card!

I have only this much to say to the person who did this (if they are reading this!), it is always best to earn the money rather than trick people into giving it. I am a single mom and I work very hard for my earnings.  When I give it away, I want to do it in a manner that makes me happy and not sad/angry! Next time, try to earn it or at the very least, ask!!

OK, now that I am done ranting, let us move on to the limerick challenge.

If you have not already done so, click here to read the submissions from Week 45.

Now, for the Top 5 limericks from Week 45 challenge:

The limerick superstar of this week………….*drumrolls please* Jay of Running in my Head with the below limerick!

There’s a difference ‘tween sixteen and nineteen:

Those files will stay unseen.

We all make mistakes

When life has no brakes;

Take the chance to wipe the slate clean.


Congratulations Jay – the Limerick Superstar of the week!

The message from the limericks by Sara of This I Believe and InnerVoice really touched my heart!

I also found the limericks by Helene of Mother Willow and Devi of Scrambled Words to be very interesting.

Now that the Top 5 limericks have been announced, let us move on to the Week 46 Challenge.

The prompt for week 46 challenge are the words “Over the Years…” The challenge? Include the prompt words in any one of the lines of your limerick. The more you think outside the box the better. I am excited to find out how you limerick pundits tackle this one!

For those who are new to the challenge, here are the rules:

  1. Each week, a prompt theme will be provided and participants are to use this prompt as a base for their limericks.
  2. This challenge will run from Saturday to Friday, and you may link up your Limerick anytime during these specific days.
  3. All Limericks for Week 46 Challenge are due in latest by 5PM EST on Saturday, November 19, 2016.
  4. After the deadline, the link-up button will not accept any more submissions.
  5. Please tag your Limerick with Limerick Poetry Challenge so that others interested can check out your Limerick.
  6. Please remember to pingback to this post on your Limerick Post and also to link it up using the InLinkz (Blue Froggy) button.
  7. For Photo Prompts, remember to use the photo in your post and to attribute the source.
  8. A small donation is made to the local charity in the name of the Winners who receives the ‘Limerick Superstar’ badge.
  9. Receiving this badge means that not only are you a Limerick Superstar, you helped feed one hungry person with your limerick! The winners can choose to display the badge on their blogs!
  10. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please follow this blog site to receive instant email notifications of the post with the Word prompts for each week.

I did not post my take for the challenge last week as I posted the prompt in a hurry, but this week I am back. Here is my take on this week’s prompt:

Once upon a time there was a girl so strong

Made of iron, she fought everything wrong

Over the years she saw her strength fade

Her mind fazed, her hair grayed

Yet, her resolve to fight remained lifelong!



33 thoughts on “Limerick Challenge Week 46: Over The Years!

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  2. Hi Rashmii,
    Re: “All Limericks for Week 46 Challenge are due in latest by 5PM EST on Saturday, November 19, 2016”
    Just an FYI: I posted at 4:20 EST, but the blue link wouldn’t let me link.
    I’m so sorry you got conned … it’s a terrible feeling when it happens.

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. This is weird indeed. We all do have a lesson there! Thank you for sharing. It is an alert to everyone.

    The winning Limerick for this week is too good. Congratulations to all who made it into top 5. I will give an attempt this week sometime soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. Hi Rashmi, its really disturbing to know that cons are sniffing around for small easy money.You would be so shaken at this shameful act.No amount of caution can suffice in these times!
    Thanks for picking my limerick this week.


  13. Dear Rashmi, I’m so sorry to read what happened. I was almost tricked into opening an email, but something told me, I must not,I should find out. I went to the authorities and was told, never to open a suspicious email. There are so many crooks, we really must be careful.
    I love your week 46 limerick.

    Liked by 1 person

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  15. What a sad story that a person would do this. Sorry you were victim to such experience Rashmi. You never know who is watching on a public Internet site. Your story is giving us all a reminder of being cautious always when on the Internet.

    I love your Limerick for this week.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I am sorry to read that you were conned. Even if the amount is small, that it was done at all is not easily forgotten.

    I remember camping long ago and when I came back to the tent I noticed that someone had been in the tent looking for whatever they could find. I left a dollar or so of change lying about which was missing. I was glad no vandalism was done, but although the amount was insignificant I still remember it.

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