Making the Transition from a Little Child’s Mom to a Tween’s Mom!

Change is difficult! Most people try to resist change as much as possible. As parents, change becomes harder when your kids are involved. Imagine how it feels when your cute and cuddly child who always wanted to snuggle into your lap suddenly begins to act as though you are their enemy! Your little baby is … Continue reading Making the Transition from a Little Child’s Mom to a Tween’s Mom!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

It has been a while since I have participated in any of the challenges in this blogosphere. Every time I see an interesting challenge, I think to myself that I should participate! That’s when my everlasting procrastination takes over and before I know it the challenge has passed, and new ones take over! And it … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

Getting to Work!

I was recently tagged on Facebook by my friend Piyusha Vir for the #GettingToEqual challenge. This hashtag, an endeavor by Accenture India and Women’s Web, encouraged women to share their stories on how and why they work, be it their success stories, or how they got to work. The idea is to share as many stories as possible to … Continue reading Getting to Work!

He Is Here!

On the night you were BORN The MOON smiled with such WONDER That the STARS peeked in to see YOU, And the night WIND whispered, "You make the world look BEAUTIFUL again!" In my last post, I said I have a very good reason for being MIA from bloggerdom. Now, I am at liberty to explain! … Continue reading He Is Here!

Riverside Camping Haven!

I am a nature lover who loves spending time in the woods, by the riverside, up on a mountain or by the beach. Living in Virginia, I have always admired the terrain and landscape of this state from the Coastal Plain (Tidewater), the Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Valley and the Ridge, and the Appalachian … Continue reading Riverside Camping Haven!

Kindness Challenge – Self Love!

Week 1 of the kindness challenge just passed by and I realized that I am yet to post about it. Not that I didn’t remember to post, just that I was trying to stall as much as I could. Somehow, writing about self-compassion or kindness to self seems impossible. If writing about it is so … Continue reading Kindness Challenge – Self Love!

National Limerick Day 2016

Today is the National Limerick Poetry Day, according to the internet, it is celebrated annually on May 12. Silly me, had no idea that a day was dedicated to limerick poetry, in spite of managing a weekly limerick poetry challenge! Yea, yea go ahead, shake your head and tsk tsk at me! *cringes in anticipation … Continue reading National Limerick Day 2016

A Bollywood Performance & The Heritage Festival

Last week I received an invitation from a friend to visit the Heritage Indian Festival at our local Expo center. Her son, who is a close friend of Adi’s was performing to a Bollywood number at the festival. I had always in the past given expo’s and exhibitions a miss because of my habit of … Continue reading A Bollywood Performance & The Heritage Festival

A Mother’s Day To Remember!

For me, Mother’s Day celebrations started on Saturday evening when my little boy decided that he will go to Chuck E Cheese with his uncle, his best friend and the best friend’s dad leaving me free to go out for a movie! Thus, Adi was on his way to Chuck E Cheese while I got … Continue reading A Mother’s Day To Remember!

And the Universe Conspires…!

According to Paulo Coelho, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it!” So what was it that I wanted? And how did the universe conspire to help me achieve it? Well, read on to find out. I have been MIA for a while from the writing scene and I am … Continue reading And the Universe Conspires…!

The Real Me v/s The Mommy Me!

I am a social media animal, a big chunk of my life is shared on social media. Sometimes through my blog, at other times via my Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts.  I like sharing facets of my life through social media with my ‘online’ friends and family and doing that makes me happy. However, some … Continue reading The Real Me v/s The Mommy Me!

Literary Prizes Just for Women? Yay or Nay?

A must read article that asks a very interesting question! Does it speak Gender Equality to have a Literary Award just for women writers or does it put the whole notion backwards? The fact that there were very few women nominees in spite of having 60% women authors begs a question at the same time … Continue reading Literary Prizes Just for Women? Yay or Nay?

Petition: Shut down the page of the “men’s right activists” who want to legalize rape

This post is reblogged from 'Enability' blog. Please visit the original post if you want to read the full article. And don't forget to sign the petition!  

Rent A Friend?

I recently happened to read an article in a magazine about a practice, that has developed few years back and is spreading quickly worldwide, termed “Rent A Friend”. As I read the article, I was shocked to learn the statistics on the number of people who were using the services of the said website. This website … Continue reading Rent A Friend?

Lighting Up With Lights!

I enjoy all posts by Megan of The Momhood, especially of the amazing photographs she shares. One post that I diligently follow is The Prompt Stomp. She comes up with absolutely brilliant prompts and also gives us a choice on the kind of post we wish to do. We can either post photos, or write a story … Continue reading Lighting Up With Lights!