It’s All About Gratitude!

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” - G.B. Stern I couldn’t agree more with the quote, silent gratitude is almost equivalent to no gratitude. Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful; a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Readiness to show appreciation, I think, is a quality people should … Continue reading It’s All About Gratitude!

One Summer Day!

08:00 AM Anna smiled and waved goodbye before closing the door. She walked over to the glass window and watched him get into his car and drive away. She stood there staring out the window lost in thoughts. Was she ready to take such a big step? How was she going to execute this? What … Continue reading One Summer Day!

GIF Me How Now!?

Blogging is fun and a lot more when you add images, double that when the images are GIF! I recently published a post on my blog using about 10 gif images, my lovely blogger friends loved the post more because of the humorous images I chose to enhance my story. Such is the power of … Continue reading GIF Me How Now!?

Never Again!

She was the first girl born into a large family of boys. She is loved and pampered by everyone in the family, the apple of their eyes! Her parent’s favorite child, her brothers’ favorite sibling and the most favored grandchild. She celebrated love! Until.... 2000 High school was amazing, she felt like a grown up. Away … Continue reading Never Again!

Singing in the Rain!

In response to Day 12 task of Writing 101: Play with Word Count. I opted to write a 100 words Short Story! It was a foggy rainy day, the town wore a sleepy look. The long winding roads bordered with pine trees took her to the hilltop. She rolled down the window and felt the … Continue reading Singing in the Rain!

Coffee Date With My Dad!

My answer to the question “Who is your role model?” has always been “My Dad!” Not because he is successful or because he is a well read, well-travelled man. It is because he is someone who never gives up, he never quits! My dad has seen his fair share of troubles and failures, but through … Continue reading Coffee Date With My Dad!

A Letter To The Person Who Changed My Life!

In response to Writing 101 Day 9 task "Today, write your post as a letter. Approach it in any way you'd like!" This letter is intended for you, I know I could have sent this to you by email, however I feel this is more for myself than it is for you. Perhaps, someday you will … Continue reading A Letter To The Person Who Changed My Life!

Just Being Yourself!

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!” Oscar Wilde Be yourself! This is a phrase I have heard quite a few times from my dad especially when I am nervous around something. Although, I would nod in agreement every time, I would think of it as a vague adage. I mean, what does “be yourself” … Continue reading Just Being Yourself!

My Goals My Space!

In response to the Day 6 task from Writing 101 and the Day 1 task from Blogging 201! The emails from the Blogging U’s always states this “Do the tasks at your own pace to match your blogs requirements” and that is something I never paid much attention to! I usually have an urge to … Continue reading My Goals My Space!

Creativity Is Not A Solitary Invention!

“Creativity is not a solitary invention but a collaborative creation.”

This Summer I was a Tourist At Home!

In response to the Day 4 prompt of the Writing 101 course! Come summer and we are all excited. That is when we pack our bags and travel to those exotic, tropical attractive destinations we added into our bucket list. I love to travel and have a long list of countries I want to visit. … Continue reading This Summer I was a Tourist At Home!


Claire Walker was happy this morning! She peered out the window and watched the sun shining bright, the grass in its greenest and the flowers in full bloom in her lawn. She knew today was going to be a good day! Her son, Andrew, was visiting her from college. Oh, how she waited for this … Continue reading Because….Love!

I write because….

Writers Write for a variety of reasons. Here is my reason! I Write because...!