One Summer Day – A Novelette!

This page is dedicated to the Novelette written as a series of short stories. Find the different parts of this tale in Descending Order!

One Summer Day – The Finale! - Dave noticed the baby clinging to his mother, he wanted to see if the baby recognized his voice. “Come here, buddy!” Dave’s voice made the baby bury his face into his mother’s chest and cling onto her tighter than ever. Anna carrying Josh in the baby carrier sling kept a protective arm around him sending … Continue reading One Summer Day – The Finale!
A Spark For Life! - [This story is the 9th and second to last part of the One Summer Day Series. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 8 of this tale or HERE to read a brief of the story so far].  Anna heard Jim calling out to her from outside the door. It was time to go, time … Continue reading A Spark For Life!
See You Soon! - “Why are you doing this, Jim?” Anna asked. “You know nothing more than what Dave told you, please, just give me a chance to explain,” she pleaded with him. “I don’t need to know anything, Anna. Dave is my buddy and I am sure he has a very good reason for whatever he is doing!” Jim … Continue reading See You Soon!
One summer Day – The Story So Far! - When I participated in the Writing 101 course last year, it pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I found myself writing posts that I normally would not have thought about. One of the prompts from the course asked us to write a post based on what transpires in a character’s life in a single … Continue reading One summer Day – The Story So Far!
One Shot At Happiness! - [This story is the 7th part of the One Summer Day Novelette. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 6 of this tale]. For the first time in years, Anna slept the night like a baby. She was finally starting to believe that there was a way out, that there was a possibility for a … Continue reading One Shot At Happiness!
Going Home! - [This story is the 6th part of a continuing tale. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 5 of this tale]. The last 6 years were spent in a trance, she knew not how she managed to survive them. The only positive outcome to those years of her life was Josh.  The thought of her … Continue reading Going Home!
The Way Forward! - [This story is the 5th part of a continuing tale. Click HERE to find the Parts 1 – 4 of this tale]. Anna woke up with a jolt when she heard him crying. Realizing that she had fallen asleep, she quickly got up to check on Josh. He was awake, sitting up in the bassinet and crying, holding … Continue reading The Way Forward!
I Will Not Let You Go! - [This story is the 4th part of a continuing tale. Click on the links to find the Part 1 titled One Summer Day , Part 2 titled That First Meeting  and Part 3 titled Those Were the Days]. Anna looked at her cellphone and noticed the time, it blinked 5.15 p.m. Her thoughts went back to the home she … Continue reading I Will Not Let You Go!
Those Were The Days! - [This story is the 3rd part of a continuing tale. You can find the Part 1 titled One Summer Day and Part 2 titled That First Meeting when you click on the links]. Anna and Dave passed each other on their morning runs almost every day after that first meeting. But neither stopped to talk, they just … Continue reading Those Were The Days!
That First Meeting! - This is the second part of a continuing tale. Read the first part One Summer Day, if you haven't already!
One Summer Day! - 08:00 AM Anna smiled and waved goodbye before closing the door. She walked over to the glass window and watched him get into his car and drive away. She stood there staring out the window lost in thoughts. Was she ready to take such a big step? How was she going to execute this? What … Continue reading One Summer Day!