Expressing my Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, in about two weeks’ time to be precise. This is the time of the year when we get together with our family and friends to express our gratitude, to say thank you for everything we have in our lives! I have always admired the concept of Thanksgiving, not just … Continue reading Expressing my Gratitude!

The Cyberhug Awards!

Anand nominated me for this very interesting award. Now what can I say about Anand, he is one of the most generous, kind and encouraging people I have met on the blogosphere! He works tirelessly to support all the fellow bloggers, not only those he follows or follow him, but even those who need him … Continue reading The Cyberhug Awards!

Coffee Date With My Dad!

My answer to the question “Who is your role model?” has always been “My Dad!” Not because he is successful or because he is a well read, well-travelled man. It is because he is someone who never gives up, he never quits! My dad has seen his fair share of troubles and failures, but through … Continue reading Coffee Date With My Dad!

Just Being Yourself!

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken!” Oscar Wilde Be yourself! This is a phrase I have heard quite a few times from my dad especially when I am nervous around something. Although, I would nod in agreement every time, I would think of it as a vague adage. I mean, what does “be yourself” … Continue reading Just Being Yourself!

Just A Mom!

My mother has inspired me in ways more than one. She has inspired me with her love, with her courage, with her strength, with her wit, with her intelligence and in many other ways that I can’t seem to explain. So it’s not a surprise that I was inspired to write a post about her … Continue reading Just A Mom!

Creativity Is Not A Solitary Invention!

“Creativity is not a solitary invention but a collaborative creation.”

Thunder, a Flash of Lightning and a Rainbow!

When does thunder make you happy? When it brings with it a rainbow, of course! And that is exactly what the Encouraging Thunder Awards do. It encourages your thunder with a rainbow and maybe a flash of lightning! One person who deserves such a thunder is Anand who works tirelessly to support us fellow bloggers. … Continue reading Thunder, a Flash of Lightning and a Rainbow!

A Moment of Clarity!

A few days ago I commented on Ivan Proust’s blog thanking him for his inspiring post. I said I really needed the inspiration and the motivation for the day as I was heading out for a very important meeting. His post ruminated the fact that we, as humans, need to feel that we are in … Continue reading A Moment of Clarity!

Top 10 Simple Things That Makes Me Happy!

This post is almost like an extension to one of my previous posts “Those simple things in Life”. I am a believer of the fact that everyday there is something simple that we can do to make ourselves happy. The more we learn to be happy, the more happiness we spread to those around us. … Continue reading Top 10 Simple Things That Makes Me Happy!

Are you in love with your past?

“You cannot start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one – Author unknown” I consider my past as a struggle and the fact that I was able to break free, is something that I have always been proud of. I am a strong believer of the notion that people … Continue reading Are you in love with your past?

To Dream Or Not To Dream!

To Dream or Not to Dream - The distance between your dreams and reality!