Domestic Violence Awareness Month

It is the Domestic Violence Awareness Month and I will be posting and reblogging based on this theme all month. The idea is to spread the message and raise awareness. Please share the message so that it reaches all those who need help and do not know how to go about it. Your small help in raising awareness may someday save somebody’s life!
This post by Fish of Gold will tell you why it is important to raise awareness on this issue!

Fish Of Gold

Is is just a coincidence that Domestic Violence Awareness Month is the same month we celebrate monsters and nightmares in the form of Halloween? It’s no coincidence that I refer to my domestic abuser as a monster. I’ve had my share of horror in real life; I prefer it only on screen now.

It has been fifteen years since I limped into a police station and told the nice police officer exactly how he tried to kill me. That final night, I had two black eyes, a split lip, scratched legs and arms from when he pulled me out of the car by my hair over the broken window glass, bruised ribs, purple finger marks on my neck, and more bruises than regular skin everywhere else. The police took pictures. I think I’m glad I don’t have copies.

I was sore absolutely everywhere. It was two days before I…

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One Night in Hell

Megan from The Momhood is an exemplary blogger who shares experiences from her life to raise awareness on various issues. This piece she wrote to raise awareness against Domestic Violence is a very personal account of a horrific night of violence and the impact it left behind!

It all started as an innocent evening of Guitar Hero and a few drinks, a few joints were smoked and laughter was bellowing through the hallways. We were having a great time. I was kicking ass at Metallica and having one of the best nights ever. Until it all changed in just a few words.

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It’s not Violence, it’s only Emotional Annihilation!

Domestic violence is an epidemic that has gripped our society. Of all forms of domestic abuse, the emotional abuse is considered most harmful because it destroys the victims mind!