The Hunter – A Haiku

Time ebbing to dusk    Wolves howl at the moon when hunter calls hunted Written for Ronovan’s haiku challenge – prompt words are “Moon & Hunter” Image copyright - Mind and Life Matters

Summer Flower – A Haiku!

Singing in the rain Swaying to the summer breeze A flower in bloom Written for Ronovan's haiku challenge - prompt words are "Sing&Flower" Image courtesy - Tattyan -  

The Lighthouse – A Haiku

I have always wanted to participate in Ronovan's Haiku Challenge. Finally, this week I have courage enough to post. The prompt for this week are the words "Top & Light." Here's my haiku for RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #100 Top&Light. ©Mind and Life Matters. Photo Clicked by Nitin Pillai.  

Haiku Tutorial and Announcement!

I think this is too good to not share! Plus, it is the perfect opportunity for me to attempt my first ever Haiku. Do give it a try.
You might also want to hop over to Camster Origami’s post and congratulate him for winning the 2nd place in National Poetry Contest.

Well, here’s my feeble attempt:

Sky full of bright stars
Soothing sound of the river
New voyage beckons

Camster Origami


I rarely ask you to reblog my posts, but today, please do! Why? Coming to that part, it’ll be at the end.

So what a bunch of you might not know is I’m a poet.

You also don’t know that I’m an alien.

But that’s beside the point. So, I won 2nd in a National Poetry contest. Yep! So today, I’m going to a) teach you how to make a Haiku and b) make the announcement that’s worth the reblogs!

So let’s get to it, shall we?

But I can’t rhyme, you say. It’s alright- haikus don’t usually rhyme!

So this first part sounds all complicated, but it isn’t: A haiku is a three line poem that has a syllable pattern. No! Don’t go running!


Dang it. Stick figure guy is out. But… it’s okay, it’s not that bad.

Line 1- 5 Syllables

Line 2- 7 Syllables

Line 3- 5…

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