A Mother’s Day To Remember!

For me, Mother’s Day celebrations started on Saturday evening when my little boy decided that he will go to Chuck E Cheese with his uncle, his best friend and the best friend’s dad leaving me free to go out for a movie! Thus, Adi was on his way to Chuck E Cheese while I got … Continue reading A Mother’s Day To Remember!

Limerick Challenge Week 19: Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and most of us either have plans to celebrate Mother’s Day or at the very least wish our Mothers on this special day. Thus, the limerick challenge this week is dedicated to all the Mother’s out there! But, before we all get busy writing about our Mothers, let … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 19: Mother

The Real Me v/s The Mommy Me!

I am a social media animal, a big chunk of my life is shared on social media. Sometimes through my blog, at other times via my Facebook, twitter or Instagram accounts.  I like sharing facets of my life through social media with my ‘online’ friends and family and doing that makes me happy. However, some … Continue reading The Real Me v/s The Mommy Me!

Just A Mom!

My mother has inspired me in ways more than one. She has inspired me with her love, with her courage, with her strength, with her wit, with her intelligence and in many other ways that I can’t seem to explain. So it’s not a surprise that I was inspired to write a post about her … Continue reading Just A Mom!

I like you the most in this world!

One beautiful Saturday morning as usual I was driving my son to his swimming school, when I had this conversation with him: Me: “Are you excited about today’s class? It’s your first day after graduating to Level 3.” My son: “Yeeaaaa….I am excited, I wonder who my new instructor is going to be” Me: “Hmm, … Continue reading I like you the most in this world!