A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

It has been a while since I have participated in any of the challenges in this blogosphere. Every time I see an interesting challenge, I think to myself that I should participate! That’s when my everlasting procrastination takes over and before I know it the challenge has passed, and new ones take over! And it … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine

The Silencer!

Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is here with yet another Friday Fictioneer flash fiction challenge. The photo  prompt this week is courtesy of Roger Bultot. The  Silencer He looked out into the dull grey sky at the flock of pigeons roosting atop the power lines. Their constant prattling was annoying him. Picking up his rifle, he took aim and … Continue reading The Silencer!

Echoes Of My Neighborhood!

Every Thursday, Jacqueline of A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales shares amazing pictures from her gorgeous Dubai neighborhood. Every week, she invites all of us to join in on this challenge. This week I decided to join in and share some of my pictures. Without further ado, here they are. The snow is melting away … Continue reading Echoes Of My Neighborhood!

A Choice For All Seasons!

Every passing season presents us with a choice: To break the icy barriers and continue to flow And to live for the moment!   This post is in response to The Daily Post's Weekly Photo Challenge, themed Seasons. I decided to post these pictures because I find them to be very inspiring. The first picture … Continue reading A Choice For All Seasons!

It’s Black & White!

I have long desired to take part in Cee’s Black and White Challenge. Every time I see the amazing prompts, I am tempted to post a few shots, but I don’t get around to posting them. This time the temptation got the better of me and here I am with my selection of Black and … Continue reading It’s Black & White!

Through His Eyes!

I went about my life in a motion and then my son was born! And through his eyes, I began to see the beauty and innocence of this world! My little boy is blessed with big expressive eyes, which is why I could not think of any others to post for The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge … Continue reading Through His Eyes!

Lighting Up With Lights!

I enjoy all posts by Megan of The Momhood, especially of the amazing photographs she shares. One post that I diligently follow is The Prompt Stomp. She comes up with absolutely brilliant prompts and also gives us a choice on the kind of post we wish to do. We can either post photos, or write a story … Continue reading Lighting Up With Lights!