I Still Remember – A Poem

I still remember The warmth of your tiny body on my bosom The first time I held you in my arms The tears of joy rolling down my face I still remember The sweet resonance of you suckling on my breast The heavenly ambroisal of your milky smile When you wrapped your tiny hands around … Continue reading I Still Remember – A Poem

My Life My Way!

All the World is my home Yet, I feel free in the wild the calming voice of the river that flows the soulful chirping of the birds they take me into a trance, into a World where I belong! This is me, this is my life my way In a world where I flow freely … Continue reading My Life My Way!

Limerick Challenge Week 52: The End

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderfully festive time with your family and friends. This is the last week of the year 2016, can you believe it? I certainly cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by, the New Year is almost upon us! And we are ready for it, are … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 52: The End

Limerick Challenge Week 50: Goals

It’s week 50 of this year! Can you believe it? We have only 2 more weeks to go before this year is over and done with and those two weeks will also fly by as we get busy with the holiday shopping, Christmas and New Year celebrations! Well, I guess it is almost time to … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 50: Goals

Limerick Challenge Week 49: Satire

It’s December! Yay yay! There’s something about December that makes me very happy, it’s probably the festive mood I see all around, but I love December! And I also love December because that means I have finished NaNoWriMo so I can get back to concentrating on my blog and go back to reading my friends' … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 49: Satire

Limerick Challenge Week 47: Tell Me A Story!

A very big thank you to all of you for your kind words on my long rant last week, thank you all, your kind words make me feel a lot better. I am also very happy with the wonderful, beautiful limericks that I get to read every week. For this month as I focus on … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 47: Tell Me A Story!

Limerick Challenge Week 46: Over The Years!

I am in a mixed state of mind as I write for this week’s limerick challenge. I am quite sure that you did be in a similar frame if you were in my place at the moment. I have thus far never been a victim of internet con, indeed I pride myself in being able … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 46: Over The Years!

Limerick Challenge Week 45: Photo Prompt

I will start this post by thanking those of you who participated in the Week 44 challenge despite the busy NaNo season and my delayed posting of the challenge 2-3 weeks in a row. I can’t thank you all enough for continuing to stand by me. I promise to get back on track as soon … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 45: Photo Prompt

Limerick Challenge Week 44: Horror

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had a fun time celebrating this day/evening! I just got back after a few hours of trick or treat with my son in our community. We are now proud owners of truckloads of candy! Sigh, there goes my diet, out the window! 😀 This Halloween was special for us, … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 44: Horror

Limerick Challenge Week 43: Celebrations

I shall begin this post by apologizing for the delay in posting, but I must say that I could not post because I was busy having fun yesterday, after all, it was my birthday and I decided to take a break from blogging and writing to spend time with my son and family. Needless to … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 43: Celebrations

The Hunter – A Haiku

Time ebbing to dusk    Wolves howl at the moon when hunter calls hunted Written for Ronovan’s haiku challenge – prompt words are “Moon & Hunter” Image copyright - Mind and Life Matters

Limerick Challenge Week 42: Homonyms

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, mine has been busy so far between driving my son to birthday parties and volunteering at the Fall Festival in his school. I apologize for not being able to post the challenge yesterday as I normally do, but I hardly had laptop time yesterday! I love the … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 42: Homonyms

Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste

I just realized that I now have an undue advantage, I know all your fears! Ha! Oh wait, but you guys know mine too. Oh well, can’t blame me for hoping, can you? I am thrilled about all the limericks I have been reading, such brilliant submissions each week for the prompts. Some of your … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 41: Taste

Limerick Challenge Week 40: Fears

Yay yay it is October already! In case you are wondering why that makes me happy, it’s because October happens to be my birthday month. I get excited like a little child when my birthday is around the corner! October also means Fall is in full swing and I just love watching the leaves change … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 40: Fears

Limerick Challenge Week 39: Seasons

It must be the effect of the photo prompt, I got to walk in the rain and jump in puddles on my way to work last week. It was a lot of fun getting my shoes soaked in the rainwater until my wet cold feet had me shivering into my bones! Well, lesson learnt – … Continue reading Limerick Challenge Week 39: Seasons