The Light – A Short Story!

“Angela! Come here! You have got to check this out,” Grace called out from the backyard of their home. Angela leaned over and looked down at her sister from her bedroom window. “What is it?” she called out, “I am studying for my test!” “Oh, for Pete’s sake, can you stop studying for a second? … Continue reading The Light – A Short Story!

Those Were The Days!

[This story is the 3rd part of a continuing tale. You can find the Part 1 titled One Summer Day and Part 2 titled That First Meeting when you click on the links]. Anna and Dave passed each other on their morning runs almost every day after that first meeting. But neither stopped to talk, they just … Continue reading Those Were The Days!

That First Meeting!

This is the second part of a continuing tale. Read the first part One Summer Day, if you haven't already!

Miniature Writing Challenge: The River of Life

This post is in response to the Miniature Writing Challenge #4 by An Artist At Heart. I opted to write a Mini Short Story (max 150 words as per the rules), for the theme 'Water'. I hope I have been able to capture the essence of the challenge and managed to convey my message. Do … Continue reading Miniature Writing Challenge: The River of Life